Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies

Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies

About Us

Established in 1993, the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies is one of the oldest professional faculties at the Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch, with a long and illustrious history. The formation of the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies has a rather different background compared with other faculties. It so seems that the sociocultural needs have been the cornerstone for the formation of the faculty. Late Ayatollah Mahdi Ha’eri Tehrani, Dr. Mohsen Mirbagheri and Dr. Ghlam Ali Ariya have respectively acted as the dean of the faculty. Later in 2011 Dr. Mohammed Ghasemi and then in 2013 Dr. Seyyed Ayatollah Eftekhari chaired the faculty. Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammed Mosavi Bojnordi is currently acting as the dean of the faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies.  Today, Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies is a dynamic academic and social community with 27 full-time faculty members and about 30 distinguished short-term visiting professors from other theology schools, as well as 1300 undergraduate and graduate students majoring in theology, Islamic sciences including the Quran Sciences and Hadith, and Islamic jurisprudence. The Faculty’s rich academic atmosphere is supplemented by its many programs and its close links to the Faculty’s more than 5000 alumni, who enjoy rewarding careers in every sector of the Iranian society.

Dean / Heads of Departments / Directors


Ayattollah Seyyed Mohammed Moosavi Bojnordi

Specialty: Ijtihad (Lirterally, the highest level of education in Islamic Jurisprudence)

Contact No.: 021-2000355

Email: sm_moosavi@IAUNTB.ac.ir

WEB site moosavi-bojnourdi.IAUNTB.ac.ir/faculty

Resume: Click HERE to view CV.


Vice President

Dr. Maryam Ibn Torab

Specialty: Jurisprudence and fundamentals of Islamic Law

Contact No.: 021-22631291

Email: m_torab@IAUNTB.ac.ir

WEB site: ebnetorab.IAUNTB.ac.ir/faculty