Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages


Faculty of Foreign Languages has formally initiated its research and educational activities in 1987 and is currently one of the IAU approved faculties of the campus. There are about 54 formal faculty members and a lot more lecturers and visiting professors active in the faculty. More than 2000 students are busy studying in different majors including English language teaching, English language translation, English literature, Spanish language translation, Italian language translation, Russian language translation, Russian language teaching, Arabic language and literature, and general linguistics at BA, MA, and Ph.D. levels. The number of graduate from this faculty exceeds 12000 students up to February 2011. The faculty had been located in different sites including Payam-e Shahid Center in Moosivand St., Sadr Building, Mahdi Building, Building No. 14 in Moosivand St. and Darband St. Building. It later moved to IAUNTB Campus in Hakimiyeh. The new building has well equipped with standard classes, two multimedia laboratory, two computer sites, and an internet site with 68 computers, a library, student restaurant, and other educational and research facilities in 5 floors.

Dean of the Faculty

Heads of Departments


Mohsen Shojaee, Ph.D..

Specialty: Russian Language

Place of birth: Tehran

Date of birth: 1962

Email: m_shojaee@IAUNTB.ac.ir

WEB site: http://shojaei.IAUNTB.ac.ir/faculty


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Assistant Professor, Russian Translation Department, Faculty of Foreign Languages


A: Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Russian Language Teaching as a Foreign Language (2008), Pushkin State Russian Language Institute at Moscow

Ph.D.: Methods and means of performance improvement at Russian language teaching as a foreign language in Iran (Primitive level)

Master’s Degree: General Linguistics (1995), University of Tehran Contrastive Analysis of OPREDELENIE (dependent) in Russian and Persian Languages

Bachelor’s Degree: Russian Language (1991), University of Tehran.


B: Attended Programs and Workshops

Educational Rules and Regulations (2011), IAUNTB

Research in Translation (2009), IAU

An Introduction to Power Point (2009), IAU

Research Psychology- an Analysis of second language knowledge (2009), IAUNTB

An introduction to web-based systems (2001), Iran Data Processing Company

First Certificate in English (1990), Iran language institute


C: Educational Backgrounds

2008 to date: teaching various courses of Russian Language and General Linguistics departments-IAUNTB

2000-2005: Full-time faculty member at Russian Language Translation Department, IAUNTB

1996-2000: Visiting lecturer at Russian Language Translation Department (teaching courses pertaining to Russian language and general linguistics), IAUNTB

1996-1997: Russian language teaching at Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Institute

1995-1996: Visiting lecturer of general linguistics at Russian Language Department University of Tehran


D: Master’s Thesis External Reader

  • Contrastive analysis of Russian and Persian Phonological Systems: Elham Babaei - Alameh Tabatabei University (2013), Reader
  • Oil exploration terms in Russian and their correspondences in Persian: Mohammad Yazdani Khoram Tarbiat Modares University (1389), External
  • Associative concepts without prepositions in Russian language and their correspondences in Persian: Zeinab Salimi Namin - Tarbiat Modaress University (1389), External
  • Passive returning terms in Russian and methods of indicating them in Persian: Mohsen Khademi -Moghaddam Tarbiat Modaress University (1388), External


E: Administrative Backgrounds

2014 to date: Dean of Foreign Languages Faculty at IAUNTB

2011-2013: Member, IAUNTB Research Council

2010: Member, Educational Council of Foreign Languages Faculty: IAUNTB

2009: Member, Research Council of Foreign Languages Faculty: IAUNTB

2009: Head of Russian Language Translation Department, IAUNTB

2008: Member, Russian Language Translation Department Specialized Committee: IAUNTB

2001-2004: Assistant Dean of Russian Language Translation Department: IAUNTB


F: Library Records

2010: Fundamental listing of 150 books on Russian Language Teaching: Library of Faculty of Foreign Languages, IAUNTB

2009: Fundamental Listing of 171 books on Russian Language Teaching: Library of Faculty of Foreign Languages, IAUNTB

2003-2005: Revising, completing and preparing the previous listings in the National Library of Iran in order to publish the bibliography of Iran and Islamic Studies’ Books

1992-1998: Original Listing of 3000 Russian books about Iran, Islamic and regional studies: Iran National Library