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Faculty of Humanities

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Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities started its activity in 1991 and was formally approved as a faculty by IAU in 1997. With more than 8 departments and 94 regular faculty members, the Faculty of Humanities is one of the largest IAUNTB faculties.  The Faculty's programs include undergraduate and graduate programs and are committed to a dual mission within the context of offering students undergraduate degrees with the opportunity for broad exposure to an outstanding education in the traditional humanities and social science disciplines through its diverse and internationally-oriented contributions and providing students graduate degrees in disciplines in which quality researchers do extremely well. The Faculty sees the sustained strengthening of the contributions through gradual growth distributed across the departments as the key to IAUNTB continued success and its future ability to attract students in different disciplines including Librarianship, Islamic Philosophy, Theology, Quran Sciences and Hadith, Persian Literature, and Law (private law, international law, and criminology). Late Dr. Vazinpour, Dr. Khalili, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Javad Zayghami, Dr. Abbasali Ghayoomi, Dr. Ali Moradkhani, Dr. Rahim Ghorbani, and Dr. Seyed Attollah Eftekhari chaired the Faculty in the past few years. Currently, Dr. Bahram Parvin Ghonabadi is the dean of the Faculty.   

Contact: 0098-21-77009827-48

Answering phone: 0098-21-77009835-37


Faculty of Humanities,

IAU Campus, North Tehran Branch

Bahar Blvd., Sadooghi (ChamanAra) St., Hakimiyeh, Babaee High way, Tehran

Dean / Heads of Departments / Directors


Bahram Parvin Gonabadi, Ph.D..

Specialty: Persian Language and literature

Contact No.: 021- 77009808

Email: b_parvin@iau-tnb.ac.ir


Assistant Dean of the Faculty

Sorayya Razeghi, Ph.D..

Specialty: Persian Language and literature

Email: s_razeghi@iau-tnb.ac.ir