Faculty of Basic Sciences

Faculty of Basic Sciences

About Us

IAUNTB Faculty of Basic Sciences began its scientific endeavors in 1993. The Faculty was later divided into two different but related faculties of Basic Sciences and Environmental Sciences in 2010. In 2011, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Departments were moved to IAU Campus in Hakimiyeh. The Faculty provides educational services in the following majors:

1. Ph.D. programs: geology (five majors), geophysics (1 major), mathematics (1 major)

2. MSc degree: geology (8 majors), geophysics (2 majors), physics (2 majors), statistics, mathematics

3. BS: geology, physics and mathematics

Previous deans of the Faculty of Basic Sciences were Dr. Ahmad Majd, Late Dr. Sirous Zarian, late Dr. Ebrahim Amin Sobhani, and Dr. Bahram Akkasheh. Dr. Mohsen Pourkermani is the current dean of the Faculty.

Faculty of Basic Sciences has 58 permanent faculty members: 18 faculty members in the Department of Geology, 4 in Geophysics, 14 in Physics, 5 in Statistics and 15 in Mathematics Departments. The staff of the Faculty comprise of 34 office workers and managers. The Faculty is an excellent center for research activities such as publication of scientific books and scholarly articles and research projects in order to conclude contracts and sign memorandum of understanding with organizations and governmental bodies. The Internet site, library, 19 classes, Viva session presentation room, conference hall, highly specialized workshops, 6 laboratories, prayer room, student lounge and publication center are among the facilities of the Faculty. Currently, physics and chemistry laboratories are located in the Faculty and geology and geophysics laboratories are in Mina Building.      



Dean / Heads of Departments / Directors


Mohsen Pour Kermani, Ph.D..

Specialty: Civil Geology

Contact No.: 021- 22946018

Email: m_pourkermani@iau-tnb.ac.ir


Assistant Dean

Afshin Ashj’a Ardalan, Ph.D..

Specialty: Petrology