About the Branch


About the Branch


Officially authorized by Central Organization,Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch was established on October 31, 1986. Although initially admitting 30 students and a limited number of administrative staff, the University commenced its academic mission the very same year. At the moment, the branch possesses the 3386.71 score and is ranked as the ‘Comprehensive Branch’.The Chancellors and terms of service:

  • Dr. Ahmad Shahvarani: 1986-1989
  • Late Dr. Ali Masomi: 1989-1993
  • Dr. Morteza Khosravi: 1993-2002
  • Dr. Peyman Mahasti: 2002-2005
  • Dr. Ahmad Taghobnejad: 2005-2012
  • Dr. Masood Akhavanfard: 2012-2013

Dr. Alimohammad Safania: 2013 – to date

History of Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch

Officially authorized by Central Organization, Islamic Azad University was established on October 31, 1986. Although initially admitting 30 students and a limited number of administrative staff, the University commenced its academic mission the very same year. The primary obstacles the branch was confronted by were an inappropriate campus, the lack of office facilities, laboratory equipment, computer services, and the absence of specialized human resources. Under such circumstances, the branch had to rely on the faculty members of Tehran, Tarbiat Moalem, and Shahid Beheshti universities as well as the high school premises (such as Shahid Rajaii and Montazeri Schools located on Pasdaran and Moosivand Streets) in the northern district of Tehran to manage the lectures in the evening. These very first strides were the giant ones made to lay the scientific educational foundations of the branch.

Since the commencement of its academic history, North Tehran Branch have been in pursuit of establishing applied fields of study and launching higher education programs. The first students of the campus were applicants of associate diploma and Bachelor’s degree in humanities, basic sciences, and nutritional sciences. In the following years, the administrative affairs of the University were centralized in its first privately-owned first building (the former Faculty of Marine Sciences and Techniques, located on Darband Square). Along with the tuition fees, the university had to take out mortgage to afford its first center.

Once used to suffice on a handful of applicants, the University began to enjoy a gradual increase in the number thanks to the sustained efforts made both at the managerial and personnel levels.  This was a breakthrough as the campus was enabled to replace the rented premises with the privately-owned ones.  In early 90s, the University possessed its headquarter (on Mahmoodieh Street) parts of which were allocated to the laboratory of Chemical and Biological sciences.

Nine years later, the branch hosted six different faculties: Theology and Islamic Jurisprudence, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Basic Sciences, Marine Sciences and Techniques, and Technical and Engineering.  However, the managers were not still satisfied with such faculties among which only was the faculty of Theology officially authorized by the Central Organization. In 1998, the seventh faculty, Management and Social Sciences, was added to the list to be later lengthened.  There were, yet, three Faculties, namely, Technical and Engineering, Marine Sciences and Techniques, and Foreign languages, awaiting to receive the official authorization from the Central Organization of the Islamic Azad University.

By the late 90s, the significant development of the scientific, research and educational activities of the branch provided the opportunity for the Chemistry Faculty to acquire the official authorization. Managing eight authorized faculties, therefore, the Northern Branch continued its academic activities to take the next step on the continuum of progress in 1991.

The next step was to launch the University’s official website to meet the standards required by the growing number of professors, managers, and students’ zeal for an optimal educational ambiance. These achievements became fully manifested in 2000. It was exactly the next year during which the Islamic Azad University could finally afford to pay for a 24-acre piece of land in Hakimiyeh, Tehran-Pars; the ownership of 21 acres of that was transferred to the Islamic Azad university Northern Tehran branch. Therefore, the branch, possessing 20 offices and educational buildings in Northern district of Tehran such as, Darband St., Shariati st., Vali-asr Ave., Africa Blvd., Shahrake Gharb, and Pasdaran St. could achieve the rank of the “Comprehensive Branch”.

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