Student & Cultural Affairs Vice-Chancellor


Dr. Abbasali Ghayoomi

Position: Vice-Chancellor for Cultural & Student Affairs

Academic Major: Cultural Management

Academic Rank: Associate


Cultural & Student Affairs Vice-Chancellor

  1. Programing the physical education and activities
  2. Setting the domestic tournament schedules in accordance with the instructions of the Vice-Presidency for  Sports Affairs
  3. Sports Associations


Cultural & Student Affairs Vice-Chancellor

  1. Cultural specific meetings and liberal seats
  2. Planning the second phase of comprehensive cultural plan and Branch’s Cultural Pathology and promoting a culture of knowledge and skills of the managers and staff
  3. A cultural think tank by the attendance of experts
  4. Cultural counseling sessions (by cultural consultants), FAQ, cultural workshops, equipping the database and journals
  5. Conducting cultural research projects in the field of audience research needs and assessment of effectiveness of cultural activities
  6. Strengthening the centers- artistic and social issues-issues and moving toward electronic publications
  7. Trying to develop electronic publications
  8. Signifying  the religion components such as cultural identity, ethics, and culture and employment, pure travel and recreation, talent identification in cultural fields- promoting capabilities and reducing cultural harms and increasing the audience for cultural activities and celebrities

Using students’ artistic capacities and running art festivals- promoting the position of art in the cultural and social satisfaction

Last Update At : 22 June 2017