Representative of the Office of the Supreme Leader at Universities


Supreme leader’s representative office in universities

Representative office programs in 2013

Peace be upon Prophet Mohammad PBUH

Wishing for the arrival of Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Mahdī AS as well as wishing a long life for the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran and the gratification of the seekers of knowledge and truth; we hope that the new educational year, on the eve of the year of Political and Economic Epic, which its first dimension was realized  by the presence of esteemed Iranian nation, be the beginning of a new dynamic, energetic, happy and full of hope year for all the scientific, educational and cultural centers.

Congratulating the beginning of the educational year in the course of economic and honorable epic of Islamic republic of Iran, and welcoming the happy coincidence Imam Reza (peach be upon him) birthday and holy-defense week, we heartily wish to be able to make a small step toward the practice of wisdom and honesty and provide esteemed academicians with conferences, workshops and one-day recreational, cultural and educational visits.

  1. Noor Project: short term educational programs in the form of workshops and classes on different subjects.


  1. Empowering political and cultural activists: knowledge enhancement workshops and reinforcing social and religious insights.


  1. Advisory council: seminars on the university political and cultural issues.


  1. Free-thinking seminars:  mutual talks on different scientific, social, cultural, political topics for free expression of ideas with the presence of referee.


  1. Theorizing seminars: mutual talks on different scientific topics with the presence of university professors and critiques.


  1. Strategic council: seminars on different political, social, cultural and education topics with the presence of university faculty members and elites.


  1. Seminars: seminars for exchanging ideas on difference macro topics in education and cultural settings and providing decision making centers with the outcomes.


  1. One-day visits: these one-day visits will be made with the presence and guidance of a faculty member who is acquainted with the visit topic for introducing place, centers and key figures in Tehran.

For more information and enrolling in classes you can contact the office at:

Hakimiyeh Campus, Shahid Ahmadi Roshan building (Foreign Languages Faculty), 4th floor, west aisle.





Last Update At : 22 June 2017