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Ethical and Organizational Charter of the Security Department

Ethical and Organizational Charter

Aiming at protecting and spreading Islamic Republic Values and promoting organizational solidarity in the university, the Security Department holds itself responsible for observing the below mentioned Ethical and Organizational Charter:


  1. Observing the sacred Islamic beliefs and practices and protecting Islamic republic of Iran.
  2. Observing rules and regulations and promoting responsibility and rule of law culture in the organization.
  3. Attempting to protect managers and personnel job security.
  4. Honoring and respecting visitors.
  5. Observing individuals privacies and attempting to preserve personnel’s reputation.
  6. Attempting to establish a meritocratic system through identifying qualified and competent personnel and promoting them.
  7. Cooperating with manager for realizing organizational goals.
  8. Identification and prevention of organizational damages.
  9. Identification of offenders and outlaws and confronting them legally.
  10. Developing macro approaches and providing necessary up-to-date planning.
  11. Attending to precision, goal and expedition in scrutinizing reports and providing in time responses.
  12. Attempting to realization of below mentioned motto:


Definition and Standing

Security department is a department at the heart of an organization responsible for protecting the organization form any minor and major deviations.


The Security Department is operating for the protection and spread of Islamic Republic values so that it can provide insightful comments and recommendations for preventing any deviations in organizational function and provide the competent organizations with required reports and instructions.


As a reliable consultant, the Security Department works as the eyes and ears of the head of the organization due to its intelligence dominance.

Duties and Powers

  1. Protecting personnel's document, places to prevent any potential threat.
  2. Providing operational manuals for protecting confidential documents and observing their implementation.
  3. Providing security and intelligence consultancy services to the head of the organization.
  4. Providing local information, updating it and providing the necessary bulletins.
  5. Predicting and preventing any illegal activity.
  6. Responding to personnel inquiries
  7. Classified protection of under-protection places and installation in cooperation with competent organizations.
  8. Providing protection plans and operational manuals and observing their implementations for installations protections
  9. ID cards and access license issuance and taking necessary measures for preventing fraud and forgery.
  10. Creating confidential secretariat and archive for receiving and following up confidential correspondence.
  11. Taking other necessary measures within assigned duties.


Security Department Management


Physical Security

Major duties of physical security department includes:

  1. Taking necessary measures for preventing potential incidents and accidents.
  2. Classifying installations for providing the required protection.
  3. Developing necessary terms and conditions for controlling personnel and visitors accesses.
  4. Issuance of necessary operational manuals for installations protections and observing their implementations.
  5. Providing necessary personnel training with regard to installation protection.
  6. Controlling visitor and personnel access within organization's places and installations.


Personnel Protection

  1. Preventing foreign and domestic agents' penetration and conspiracies.
  2. Checking and determining personnel qualification for high-stake positions appointments.
  3. Providing necessary training and explanation for subsidiary departments.
  4. Commenting on personnel redeployment.
  5. Identification of personnel and visitors sources of discontent.
  6. ID cards and access license issuance for managers and personnel.
  7. Providing necessary intelligence and consultancy services with the aim of keeping a stable atmosphere in workplace.
  8. Preventing the penetration of malicious persons and preventing any deviations in the organization.
  9. Identifying qualified and competent personnel and promoting them.
  10. Taking necessary measures for preventing misjudgments and minimizing their effects.


Document Protection

Document protection is one of the duties of the security department. The Department is responsible for protecting confidential documents and planning and implementing comprehensive information security systems. Major duties of the department includes: 

  1. Classifying documents based on their importance and sensitivity considering document producer views.
  2. Creating a well-organized theme based archive and developing protection operational manual.
  3. Planning and providing necessary requirement for protecting classified documents.
  4. Providing necessary systems for protecting confidential documents, question banks,
  5. Providing and copying classified correspondences or operation manuals under the supervision of responsible authority.
  6.  Taking necessary measures for preventing the illegal disclosure of meeting agendas.
  7. Providing reliable archive, document circulation and corresponding systems.
  8. Receiving confidential documents from different organizations and protecting them based on the respective regulations.



IT Security

Nowadays, IT security demonstrates a new dimension of national security of any country. In response to the rapid development of diverse IT applications, and having a precise understanding of key infrastructures of the country that are highly dependent on information technology. Necessary planning, organizing and investment should be made to protect these infrastructures and facilitate the country's development.


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