Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies


Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies

About Us

The Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies is one of the oldest faculties in IAUTNB. It started working independently in 1988 in the university. The history of the formation of the Faculty of Theology is different from other faculties. Its initial structure was started by the first dean of the Faculty, Late Vajih Allahi and a group of educated benefactors in the form of an endowment. The next deans of this faculty were as follows:
Ayatollah Mehdi Haeri Tehrani, Dr. Mohsen Mirbagheri, Dr. Gholam Ali Aria, Dr. Mohammad Ghasemi, Dr. Seyed Ataullah Eftekhari, Ayatollah Dr. Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Bojnourdi, and Dr. Fahimeh Malekzadeh.
Dean of the Faculty: Dr. Seyed Hossein Sajjadi
Vice Chancellor: Dr. Alireza Ebrahim
Disciplines: Jurisprudence and Principles of Law, Quran and Hadith Sciences, Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom, Religions and Mysticism
Degrees: BA, MA, PhD
Department Heads:
Jurisprudence and Principles of Law: Dr. Hossein Sajjadi
Quran and Hadith Sciences: Dr. Maryam Haji Abdolbaghi
Religions and Mysticism: Dr. Zahra Ebrihimi
Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Words: Dr. Hossein Sajjadi
Islamic Teachings: Dr. Seyyed Hadi Seyyed Vakili
Distinguished Teachers: Dr. Hojjat Rasouli (Professor); Dr. Abdolreza Jamalzadeh (Associate Professor)
Number of Students: BA (374); MA (85); PhD (110)
Number of Staff Member of the Faculty: Full time (23); Part time (1)
Publications: Theology Letter (Scientific Research Journal); Hoda (Student Journal)
Equipment: Physical Library (About 25000 books (Being transported to the present location); Online Library (digital books about 500 GIGABYTE)

Dean / Heads of Departments / Directors


 Dr. Seyed Hossein Sajjadi


Vice President

Dr. Alireza Ebrahim

Last Update At : 05 October 2020