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Libraries Office of IAU North Tehran Branch 

Libraries of IAU North Tehran Branch started their activities at the time of the establishment of the university. The libraries have collected general and specialized books, journals, thesis manuscripts, dissertations, and scientific reports to provide the required information bank for its students. The libraries of every faculty are located within the faculty so that the students can have easy access to the scientific documents. 

Scientific Information Database (SID) of the Academic Jihad Organization

Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)

Library of Tehran North Branch (Simorgh)

Science-Research Journals Base of Tehran North Branch

Books Published in Tehran North Branch

Electronic Scientific Data-base


Libraries: Books and Journals

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Total Number of Volumes


Total Number of Titles


Specialized Journals in Persian: Titles


Specialized Journals in English: Titles


Specialized Journals in Arabic: Titles


Reference Books in Persian: Volumes


Non-reference Books in Persian: Volumes


Reference Books in English: Volumes


Non-reference Books in English: Volumes


Reference Books in Arabic: Volumes


Non-reference Books in Arabic: Volumes


Steps to Publishing Books by Deputy of Technology and Research at IAUTNB

1. A Request written by author(s) following the associated regulations and submitting the hard copy to the deputy of research and technology at IAUTNB (Submitting the original copy or image for the translated books)

2. Examination and review by the committee members at the college

3. Referring the work to the jury upon approval

4. Getting FIPA and Permit for publication from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

5. Getting ISBN from IAU Media and Scientific Publication Center

6. Revision by the author(s) after judgement

7. Signing a contract with the author(s)

8. Sending the contract to the Deputy for Development and Resource Management along with the book CD for publication process

9. Sending the first Ozalid of the published book to the author(s) for confirmation

10. Sending out the published book and getting the permit for delivery and distribution from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

11. Distributing the book


Magazines and Specialized Quarterlies

Registered Journals: 14 Titles

Research Periodicals affiliated with MSRT: 2 Titles

Other Research Periodicals: 9 Titles

Review Periodicals: 1 Title

General Scientific Periodicals: 2 Titles




Last Update At : 23 August 2020