Central Laboratory Complex

Islamic Azad University, Tehran North Branch

The central laboratory complex was founded in 2010 and inaugurated in 2016 when the first chemical laboratories were used. All the laboratories at various colleges throughout the city have been gradually transferred into the complex under the management of Dr. Lida Salimi since 2018. This huge project needed a lot of efforts and preparations.

The complex extends over an area of more than 22400 square meters including 141 laboratories and workshops. Finest materials have been used to build this complex, and much care has been taken to yield the most beautiful and safest buildings. All the rooms and spaces in this complex get the best light, ventilation, and height.

The platforms of the complex are made by ceramic and anti-acid materials (HPL) resistant to chemicals from the German Warner Company. As stated by the manufacturer, this much material for platforms has been unprecedented up to the date. Moreover, the equipment and the fixtures used as faucets and valves, exhausts, fans, etc. are designer brands from Italy, France and Germany.

In order for the optimal ventilation, each laboratory utilizes distinct exhaust fans due to using a variety of chemical and biological matters by the laboratories. Laboratories are equipped with German chemical as well as microbial hoods according to their utilities. The spaces meant for chemical and microbial purposes are carpeted by anti-acid material, which enables a safe operation.

There are UV lights in microbial laboratories which serve as sanitizers. Also, forty for best quality laminar hoods are installed to set the standard for preparing materials for biological laboratories.

Owing to the sensitivity of the complex and varied laboratories, the immune system has been designed at the highest standard level. All the doors open outside to avoid potential hazards in emergency exits.

All the laboratories have emergency showers and special eye wash to keep the technicians, teachers and students safe from possible dangers if faced with chemicals.

The whole complex has fire alarm systems as well as automatic gas cut-off and smoke sensors. Fire extinguishing capsules are available everywhere on every floor in case they are needed. To be on the safe side, personnel have been trained accordingly.

To maintain the highest safety, the chemical stores which provide the stuff for the laboratories are all built outside the complex. Furthermore, the capsules containing dangerous gases are kept within safety boxes.

The laboratory areas as well as the corridors contain CCTV in order for controlling the areas and avoiding potential hazards. Students will have access to cloakrooms and private lockers. Besides, there are ATM and copy center available for students, teachers and workers.

Out of the existing spaces, a number of 24 are meant for research and the rest for training. The following faculties are using the laboratory complex at present:

Faculty of Chemistry: analytic, Organic, Nonorganic, Chemical Physics, and Applied

Faculty of Life Sciences: animals, plants, cellular-developmental, genetic, molecular-cellular, systematic, animal and plant physiology, microbiology, bacteriology, Industrial and food engineering

Faculty of Basic Sciences: Geology (petrology, tectonics, petroleum, economy, sedimentology, layers and fossil studies, seismology); Physics (nuclear, meteorology, engineering, solid, optic and laser)

Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technologies: environmental engineering, sea biotechnology, environmental pollution, sea physics, and sea chemistry

Faculty of Engineering and Technique: chemical engineering-polymer, process design, chemical industries, civil, architecture, and mechanics

Faculty of Computer and Electricity: Electricity (Electrical machineries, control, power, bioelectricity); Computer (artificial intelligence and robotics, software, hardware, and information technology)

Other laboratories in the complex are radiolar, herbarium, instrumentation, Xiray, GIS workshop which all include their own equipment.

There are high-tech and high-quality machines from popular brands in the complex to be used by the teachers and students. Portable devices and pieces can be carried to and used by other academic, research and industrial centers.










Another advantage of this laboratory complex is 36 experienced technicians who are operating various experiments and doing a lot of efforts in different laboratories, workshops and research centers all the time.

A qualified technician and repairman is always available at the complex to take care of the devices and do the necessary repairs.

In the near future, a separate room will be devoted to keeping certain animals in the complex where they can breed and live in case they are needed. This can enable the complex to save money by not buying these animals each semester or year.

SAHA account number (FREE COOPERATIVE LABORATORIES SYSTEM) for using research equipment and laboratory spaces: Melli Bank, water and electricity industries: 0110399709007

This IAU Branch, with a laboratory space of more than 3300 square meters, including 54 laboratories and 22 workshops serves students of bachelor, master, and Ph.D. in 78 laboratory units in different majors such as chemistry (all majors), microbiology, biology teaching, geology, chemical engineering, computer, industries, foreign languages, fishery, environment, experimental sciences, hydrography, sea physics, sea chemistry, sea pollution and environmental protection, sea and biology, etc.

Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies





Language laboratory (Theology)

Central Control Desk; 36 Cabins with Audio Recorders and Speakers; 37 Headphones; Television; Amplifiers

Faculty of Foreign Languages





Language laboratory 1 (Faculty of Foreign Languages)

Central Control Desk; 36 Cabins with Audio Recorders and Speakers; 37 Headphones; Television; Video Player


Language laboratory 2 (Faculty of Foreign Languages)

Central Control Desk; 36 Cabins with Audio Recorders and Speakers; 37 Headphones; Television; Video Player; Amplifiers






Faculty of Chemistry




General Chemistry A1


4 Scale-Balances; Digital Scale; Heater-Stirrer

General Chemistry B1


Water Distillation; 3 Scale-Balances; Magnetic Heater

General Chemistry 2


3 Centrifuge; Water Distillation Softener; Simple Balance

Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 A


Digital Scale; Water Bath

Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 B


Water Bath, Digital Scale 0.01 grams; 2 Electrical Heaters

Glass Blowing Workshop


10 Glass Burners; Grinding Stone; Desk Clamp; Air Compressor

Bioinorganic chemistry


Refrigerator; 2 Water Distillations; 3 Digital Scales; Oven Heater



Oven; 0.1 and 0.01 Scales; Water Bath; 5 Heaters; Magnetic Heater

Water Distillation

Color and Polymer


The equipment for Color and Polymer laboratory is shared with Isolation Laboratory.

Research 2


Voltmeter; Sodium Pressor; Round Grinder; Cabinet; UV Microwave; Over Shaker; Mantel; Digital Scale;

7 Heater Stiller; Rotary

Instrumental Analysis Chemistry


2 Spectrophotometers; Analytical Scale; Digital Scale;

Film photometer; Water Distillation; Heater

Research 4


Oven; Spectrophotometer; 5 Oximeters; Incubator; a 0.01 and a 0.0001 gram Scales; Furnace; 2 Turbiditymeter; 3 PH meter; 2 Conductometer; 6 BOD Heater Stiller; Jar test meter; a 0.001 gram Scale

Analytical Chemistry 2

Water and Swage

Analytical Chemistry 1


Water Distillation; PH meter Oven; Magnetic Stiller; Ammeter; Conductometer; Heater;

2 Spectrophotometer; 2 Digital Scales; Electrolyze; Wastewater Biological Refinery Pilot; Advanced Wastewater Oxidation Refinery Pilot; Wastewater Chemical Refinery Pilot; Spectrophotometer; Conductometer

Research 3


2 Jar Tests; 2 Digital Scales; Water Bath; Spectrophotometer;

4 Multimeters; 6 Heater Stiller;  Centrifuge



Atomic absorption;  Film Photometer HPLC (VIS-UV); Oven; Atomic absorption GC mass( VARIAN ); Spectrophotometer (Vis – UV);  IR- FT (ATR)

Physics Chemistry


Oven; 2 Spectrophotometers; 4 Heater Stillers; 2 PHmeters; 6 Conductometers; Coulometer; 2 Refractometers;

2 Scales; Polarimeter

Research 1


3 Digital Scales; Oven; Rotary; 2 Centrifuge; 6 Mantels; 2 PH-meter Stirrers; Refractometer

Modern Optic and Physics


Goniometer; Rydberg Light; Zeeman Effect;  Electron Light; Power Supply; e/m Light; Millikan Tool; Oscilloscope; (Optic): Sodium Lamp; 2 Power Supply;

Nurnberg Instrument; Neon Helium Laser ; Newton Loop Instrument

Physics 3


2 Heaters; line expansion coefficient; Function Generator; Goniometer; 4 Power Supply; calorimeter; Scale; 4 Thermal Conductivities

Physics 2


26 Power Supply; 24 Multimeters; 7 Function Generators; 13 Oscilloscope

Physics 1 (A)


3 etude machines; 4 Collide Tool; 7 Timers; 4 Simple Scales; 4 Power Balance; 2 Friction Tool; Digital Scale



36 manual Multimeters; Signal Generator; Resistance Box; Generator;

Audio Generator; 9 Rheostats

Physics 1 B


3 Etude Machines; 3 Collide Tool; 6 Timers; 7 Simple Scales; 5 Power Balance; 2 Friction Tool; Digital Scale

Physics Workshop


Solid Specific heat capacity identification; liquid Surface Tension identification; Archimedes Rule;

Relative Density Identification; Liquid Volume Expansion Correlation Identification; Measurement Set;

Simple Pendulum; Pulley Set; Holding Tools; Metal Work Set; Wood Work Set;

Faculty of Management and Humanities



Tools and Equipment

Language Laboratory (Human Sciences)


Central Desk; 41 Cabins with Audio Recorders and Speakers;

42 Headphones; Video Players; Amplifiers

Typing Workshop


13 Computers; 2 Video Projectors; 1 Television; 1 Over Head;

1 Opac

Faculty of Basic Sciences





Preparation of Microscopic Thin Sections Workshop


Stone-production-machinery; Manual Grinder; Polish and Grinder;

GIS Workshop


Stone-production-machinery; Manual Grinder; Polish and Grinder;

Microscopic Polarization; Electric Heater

Master’s Students of Geology


Slide; Television; Video Player; Camera; Digital Camera; Bifunctional

CCD Microscopic Polarization; Stereo Microscope

Photo Geology


12 Microscopes; 10 Microscope Polarizations; 2 Stereo Microscope



3 GPS Hypsometer; 4 Polariscope;2 Shakers; 3 Digital Scales;

37 Compax; 6 Level Mapping Cameras; 6 Theodolites

Geology Laboratory 1


17 Mirror Stereo Scope; Calcium Meter; Hygrometer; Television; Video

Player; 2 Slides; Microscope Polarization


Geology Laboratory 2


10 Microscope Polarization

XRD Laboratory


XRD Instrument and Accessories

Faculty of Biological Sciences




Plants physiology And biochemistry


14 Microscope; 2 Stereo Scope; Oven; Digital Scale; Video Microscope;

Master of Microbiology


Shake Heater; Incubator Shaker; Pipe Shaker; Refrigerator; Oven;

Digital Scale; Water Distillation; Photo Microscope; Loop Tool; PCR Gel documentation;

Fluorescent Microscope; Refrigerator Micro Centrifuge; Refrigerator Incubator Shaker

Master of Biology


2 Incubators; Microthermal; 3 Centrifuge; Laminar Hood; PH Spectrophotometer; Meter;

Loop; Refrigerator; Water Bath; Shaker; 2 Magnetic Heaters; Heater; Digital Scale

Microbe and Biology



Digital Scale; Refrigerator; Oven; Heater



Water Bath; Centrifuge; 11 Microscopes; 18 Stereo Microscope (Air Sampler)



Slide; Ultra Centrifuge; Spectrophotometer; Oven; Rotator; 3 Digital Scales; 2 PH-meter;

3 Heaters; 2 Water Bath

General Microbiology


3 Autoclaves; Incubator; Shaker Pipe; a 0.01 and a 0.001 gram Digital Scale; Magnetic Heater;

4 Refrigerators

Environmental Microbiology


11 Samplers; 2 Microtome; 2 Incubators; 2 Ovens; Centrifuge; 2 Water Baths; 2 Magnetic Heaters;

Autoclave; 26 Microscopes; Video Microscope; Television

Master of Plant Sciences


12 Microscopes; Oscilloscope; Magnetic Heater; Opac; Slide; Water Bath; Chemo graph;

Digital Scale; Loop; Spectrophotometer;  Video Microscope; Centrifuge; Stimulator; GPS Television

Photomicroscope Room


Photomicroscope; Computer; PH-meter

General Biology



Heater; 3 Digital Scales; Oven; Ultrasonic; Water Bath; Spectrophotometer; Refrigerator; Television;

Plant Systematic




Faculty of Marine Techniques and Sciences







15 Stereo Microscopes; 8 Microscopes; 2 Chemo Graphs; Centrifuge;

Micro Hematocrit; Conductometer

Fishery and Hydrobiology


6  Microscopes; 3 Microscope Invert; Digital Scale; PH-meter; 6 Loop; Erlenmeyer Flask Shaker



7 Microscopes;  6 Loop; Water Bath; Incubator; Heater; Autoclave; Refrigerator; Freezer



Electrophorese;  Germinator; Oven; Incubator; 3 Loops; Photo Microscope; Microscope Invert;

Autoclave; Shaker; Heater

Sea Physics Workshop


Refractometer;  flow meter; Thermograph; Hygrometer; Autoclave; Oven; Water Sampler; 7 Ammeter;

7 Voltmeter; Seawater Flow Sampler (Buying)

Weather Forecasting Workshop


 Thermograph; 2 Anemometers; Sunshine Recorder; Hygrograph; Digital Anemometer; GPS Stimulator;


Environmental Pollution and



Spectrophotometer; Incubator; Oven; Oximeter; PH-meter; DO-meter; Turbidimeter; Conductometer; 6 Microscopes; COD; Gamma Counter; Gamma Collector; Detector; Geiger-Müller counter; 3 Heaters; Hot Pilot; (Tissue Processor – Paraffin dispenser)

Human Environment 1



digital panel meters; Level; Gyroscope; Pantograph; Nibo Camera; Theodolite; Pocket Mirror Stereo Scope; Television; Big Electric Saw; Bosch Electric Saw; Water Bath; Video Player; Slide; Mapping Meter; Clinometer; Curve Rating

Natural Environment


3 Conductometer; Codortometer; Turbidimeter; DO-meter; Centrifuge; 2 PH-meter; Spectrophotometer; Sound Level Meter; Shaker; Digital Scale; Soil Shaker

Human Environment 2


Hot PlateIncubator; Digital Scale; water softener; 6 Microscopes; 2 Autoclaves; Oven; Water Bath; Refrigerator; Kjeldahl

Natural Environment 1


8 Microscopes; Electric Heaters; Digital Scale

Faculty of Engineering




Fluid. Process Control-

Thermal Transformation 


Radial Heat transfer coefficient Measurement; Fluid Heat transfer coefficient; Calorimeter Pomp; Heat Pomp;

Pipe Heat Converter; Electronic Board; Reynolds Number Apparatus; Jet Impact; Amperage Indicator; Level Control; Manometer; Stability; Compressor

Unit Operation


Drier;  Packed Tower; Tray Tower; Liquid-liquid Extraction; Solid-liquid Extraction; Grinder

Logical circuit and Microprocessor



14 Manual Multimeters; 17 Digital Multimeters; IC Tester; 8 2-Channel Oscilloscopes ; 10 Function Generators; 20 Power Supplies; 7 Digital Boards; 8 Soldering Irons

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