Scientific, Literary, and Artistic Associations


One of the aims of the research department of the University is to organize the students in research communities, specifically scientific associations.

Scientific Associations of  Islamic Azad University are scientific, specialized, research-based, cultural, and non-political communities under the supervision of the central commission of “Scientific, Literary, and Artistic Associations” of Islamic Azad University in order to provide an appropriate ground for the growth of the students’ talents in the related fields of study, generalize and deepen the scientific and research relations amongst the members of the associations, establish an independent and continuous relation between the university and members of the associations, update the knowledge of the members and meeting their scientific and expert needs, issue publications according to the regulations of Islamic Azad University and the laws of the country, etc.

The association was found in 2001 and so far 29 associations have gained the permission of establishment and activity in Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch.

We have done our best to encourage the students to participate in various scientific research activities and we are determined to continue such efforts.

Last Update At : 20 June 2017