Vision and General Objectives of North Tehran Branch

With the aim of promoting the education and training both quantitatively and qualitatively, Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch  has attempted to achieve the following goals/objectives:

Developing research grounds, reinforcing the communication with industrial sector, developing relations with local and overseas universities, operating research and technology research centers, developing applied, fundamental, and knowledge-based research, developing interdisciplinary fields, providing the grounds/paving the way for decreasing reliance on the students’ tuitions and providing new financial resources. This branch has encouraged research activities, developing knowledge, and designing/planning creative activities, and it has made efforts to facilitate the economic, cultural, and social developments in the country. The prevailing circumstances governing the university’s atmosphere is based on guiding the students, and a constant cooperation and interaction between the students, staff, and professors, based on the values such as believing in God, work ethics, occupational conscience, respecting human rights and dignity, honesty, self-sacrifice, creativity and innovation, rule-centeredness, spreading justice and meritocracy.

  1. Developing ethical values, faith and hope for the future among the students, faculties and staff as well as developing entrepreneur researchers and graduates who are faithful and committed to the country.
  2. Gaining appropriate position within specific fields in the country, region and world
  3. Creating a dynamic innovative learning environment, quality improvement and changing the educational and research affairs.
  4. Keeping pace with scientific developments and play an effective role in the global world, gaining new knowledge, business applications, commercialization of new technologies and scientific research achievements
  5. Creating and preserving constructive collaboration for educational, research and cultural activities with religious seminaries and governmental agencies, private and non-profit institutions as well as decision-making organizations.
  6. Developing the university’s proportion in production, extension and exchange of knowledge and technology while keeping relations and cooperation with scientific, cultural and religious centers in national, regional and international scopes.
  7. Transforming organizational and administrative structures and procedures to benefit more from the current facilities.

Independency from tuitions for financial affairs as a function oriented university.

Last Update At : 02 May 2017