Office of International Affairs


International Affairs Office at the University

Director: Dr. Sakineh Babri Gonbad; Doctoral Degree in International Relations and a member of the staff of the International Relations and Political Sciences at IAU-TNB

Plans and Objectives

1. Setting goals and policies towards regulating international cooperation in science and education in addition to devising approaches and policies in collaboration with Deputy for International Affairs and Attracting International Students located at IAU Headquarters and International Affairs Agencies at other IA universities

2. Teaching, publicizing and developing Persian Language and Literature among international students as well as gaining strong Persian teaching positions and Iranian and Islamic studies centers at IAU abroad

3. Communicating and implementing provisions of agreements, cultural exchange plans, memorandum of understanding, and international cooperation documents signed by IAU Deputy for International Affairs and other universities, cultural centers, libraries, and related institutes all around the world specially in neighboring countries with the aim of achieving joint purposes

4. Holding scientific-educational workshops related to opportunities for international scientific cooperation in a variety of technological-scientific areas

5. Leading cultural-educational activities both online and offline in order to introduce the Islamic Iranian culture and civilization, propagate the IRI cultural viewpoints as well as the opinions and thoughts of the late founder Ayatollah Khomeini and the grand leader Ayatollah Khamenei

6. Support for establishing IAU-TNB agencies, and the affiliated research and science centers and schools in bordering countries

7. Identifying and communicating with Iranian and Islamic studies centers besides teaching Persian language and literature in neighboring countries

8. Realizing cultural-educational future of bordering countries and communicating with their academic centers

9. Planning and carrying out cultural activities for international students majoring in Persian Language and Literature at IAU-TNB and other IA universities

10. Policy making and offering plans for familiarizing Moslem foreign students at IAU with and raising their interest and belief in the IRI logic and Islamic teachings

11. Cultural logistics, identification and analysis of their components effective on international cultural-educational activities

12. Finding capacity for cultural, educational, scientific cooperation with other IA universities and non-academic institutes

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Postal Address: Fifth floor, international Affairs Office, Faculty of Management and Foreign Languages, Islamic Azad University, Tehran North Branch

Last Update At : 17 August 2020